Public Health Support Projects (PHSS)

The public health sector in Yemen is in urgent need of intervention. Approximately half of the health facilities are grappling with critical challenges, including severe staff shortages, inadequate funding, shortages of essential supplies and equipment and the epidemic outbreak, Yamaan projects address these pressing issues head-on, primarily focusing on enhancing the population's access to public healthcare services.


Yamaan's Public Health Sector Infrastructure Rehabilitation program is a vital initiative aiming to revitalise and equip public health facilities impacted by the prolonged conflict and war in Yemen. Focused primarily on health facilities such as hospitals, centres, and health units, this intervention is meticulously planned based on thorough need assessments that align with our mandate, which includes emergency obstetric neonatal care and mental health services.

Our intervention encompasses a range of activities, including construction, expansion, renovation, and the provision of essential equipment. In executing these activities, Yamaan adheres to national and international best practices and standards, incorporating guidelines from esteemed institutions such as the World Bank and KFW. Specifically, we implement rigorous Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMP) alongside the Environmental and Social Code of Practices (ESCOP) to ensure the sustainability and ethical execution of our interventions.

Capacity building

The severe shortage of skilled healthcare professionals negatively impacted the healthcare system in Yemen, leaving millions of people unable to access health services, especially those in rural areas. The ratio of health workers to the population is low, with only 12 workers per 10,000 people—a significant shortfall of the WHO standard of 20:10,000.


Through this program, Yamaan addresses the dire need for skilled healthcare providers, particularly in the field of maternal and infant healthcare services. This is done by offering one-year obstetric and neonatal emergency diploma programs for obstetrics doctors, neonatology doctors, anaesthesia doctors, neonatally nurses, and operation theatre nurses, which consist of five qualifying courses. Moreover, Yamaan provides a three-year midwifery diploma program to qualify more midwives to address the dire need, especially in rural areas. Additionally, Yamaan introduces various short-term training courses in reproductive health for doctors and midwives. These efforts aim to equip healthcare personnel with the necessary skills and expertise to provide adequate maternal and neonatal healthcare.


As part of our capacity-building program, Yamaan has introduced an innovative E-Learning platform in collaboration with international partners. This platform serves as a vital tool for enabling distance learning among healthcare personnel, explicitly focusing on enhancing access to midwifery education. We aim to empower students and elevate the quality of healthcare services in Yemen.

The E-Learning platform offers midwifery courses with both online and offline access, ensuring flexibility and convenience for learners. With a comprehensive curriculum and interactive features, this platform provides a dynamic learning experience. We believe that introducing this platform will bring about significant positive changes in the education system and ultimately contribute to improving healthcare services in Yemen.

Integrated Vector Management (IVM)

The protracted conflict in Yemen has inflicted severe damage on the country's economy and public health system, creating an environment conducive to epidemics. The Epidemics Prevention and Control Program is a crucial effort aimed at mitigating the impact of epidemics and outbreaks on society and bolstering the health sector's capacity to respond to disease epidemics and outbreaks, thereby safeguarding the provision of essential healthcare services.

Since the onset of the conflict, Yemen has witnessed a rise in epidemics, including COVID-19, cholera, dengue fever, malaria, and other infectious diseases. Yamaan is committed to supporting the health sector's response to these multifaceted health risks.  

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Yamaan combated Dengue Fever outbreaks in various governorates by implementing the Integrated Vector Management (IVM) measures.

These measures include indoor thermal fogging, distribution of insecticides, door-to-door social mobilization and education campaigns led by community health volunteers (CHVs), and support for supervision and monitoring by national control program experts. Yamaan, through these efforts, has supported the discovery of the Anopheles Stephensi mosquito for the first time in Yemen and the region.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Yamaan played a pivotal role in bolstering the strained health system by providing mechanical ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE) sets to isolation centres in hospitals designated by the Ministry of Public Health and Population, in addition to awareness-raising campaigns.

Health facilities rehabilitated
Midwives enrolled in Midwifery diploma
Healthcare providers graduated EmOCE Diploma
Dengue fever prevention: households targeted
Covid 19 Isolation Hospitals supported